The Children's Hospitals around the US

We  are very fortunate to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and participate in one of the most exciting and popular international professional sports in the world. Unfortunately, there are many children who may not have such opportunities as they battle devastating problems like cancer, birth defects, and other challenging medical problems. Each of our riders selects a Children's Hospital in the US and dedicates their racing effort to the the kids undergoing treatment at each of these wonderful institutions.

The rider's selected hospital name will be prominently displayed on their bike for all the world to see. Throughout the year, our riders will visit their Children's Hospital as ambassadors of Professional cycling bearing your team name and logo. They will spend time with the kids and their families signing autographs, taking pictures, and answering questions on pro cycling. And when we are away from home and on the road, we'll visit the nearest Children's Hospital in the cities where our events are held. With family's approval, each rider will tell the world the stories of the kids they meet on Facebook, Twitter, and various other social media raising awareness for the difficult problems these children face. These efforts are just one small way we can give back to our communities and hopefully brighten the day of these wonderful children.

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