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 - Cycling Sports Management, L.L.C. - Cycling Sports Management, L.L.C. 

Sponsoring a professional cycling team delivers high profile branding and media content which is less costly than traditional advertising.  Capitalize on media coverage at events both nationally and internationally with highly visible TV coverage as well as a tremendous in print and online media presence. As a sponsor, you can watch the team’s performance branded with your logo at races throughout North America. In addition to the riders wearing your name and  logo, our vehicles are branded with your company’s logo covering over 100,000 miles in travel each year.

These amazing opportunities increase your companies exposure and brand awareness for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Moreover, you can build client relations by entertaining clients and guests at our marquee events with VIP access which we provide for you at the exciting finish line of each race. You will also have the opportunity to meet riders from the European teams who come to race at the major US stage races at the nightly team dinners.. Perhaps you or your guests would like to ride along with us in the Team Car and get a real inside look during the race or at team camp. Or how about joining our athletes for a leisure group ride which we hold periodically throughout the year. ride All of these opportunities.

Marketing connects the sponsor to the sport of cycling and the cycling enthusiast - a tech savvy audience that values hard work and perseverance. These qualities are associated with a loyal and educated buying demographic. Furthermore, by demonstrating your companies association with cycling, you align yourself with a healthy lifestyle and environmental awareness. Coupled with our dedicated mission to bring awareness to the Children's Hospitals across north America, we create a positive community image for your name and business.

Cycling Facts

  • Cycling is growing at a phenomenal rate with an estimated 67 million cyclists in the United States.
  • It is the second most popular participation sport in the United States surpassed only by walking and is the only one of the two where commercial advertising can be used.
  • Comparatively, there are more cyclists in the US than skiers, golfers, and tennis players COMBINED.
  • Fans of cycling are an active and tech savvy group keenly aware of the environment and their impact upon it. 
  • Cyclists are also aware of their own health and promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • The demographic of cycling is broad with nearly equal distribution across all age groups ranging from age 16 to 60.
  • Participation has a slight shift towards men at 55% compared to 45% for women but the ladies group continues to grow and is projected to be nearly even within a decade.
  • Median age of cyclists is 32
  • 70% of cyclists are college graduates
  • Median income is $60,000
  • Cycling is the #1 sport among doctors and lawyers over the age of 40.
  • Cyclists tend to be creatures of habit and loyal customers aligning themselves with products and services they value
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